The Leadership Circle

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Educate and inspire the next generation of osteopathic family physicians.

The ACOFP Foundation has committed to supporting physician leadership development by building relationships and providing proper training, which is essential to a strong and vibrant future for our osteopathic family medicine profession.

The Leadership Circle annually contributes to the ACOFP Future Leaders Conference which is designed for outstanding new physicians and residents who are interested in achieving a greater awareness of their leadership style and its impact on their professional performance.

“I have never felt so inspired to change what we accept as the future of medicine.”

Kathryn A. Sallavanti, DO  •  ACOFP Future Leader

“This was a great conference filled with useful, beneficial knowledge to help guide us on a path to becoming future leaders.”

Amy Wetzel Doolan, DO  •  ACOFP Future Leader

ACOFP Future Leaders Conferences

2020 in Phoenix, Arizona

2019 in Phoenix, Arizona

2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana

 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia

 2016 in San Antonio, Texas

  2015 in Washington, DC

 2014 in Clearwater Beach, Florida

2013 in Washington, DC

2012 in Washington, DC

                                                   2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana

2011 in Tampa, Florida