Forging Our Osteopathic Future Fundraising Campaign

As a long-standing ACOFP member, Distinguished Fellow, Past President and Foundation Board member, I am thrilled to announce the ACOFP Foundation’s Forging Our Osteopathic Future fundraising campaign. The campaign was launched in September of 2019 with the goal of securing at least $2.0 million in funding from osteopathic family physicians, professional medical organizations (state societies, regional organizations, etc.), corporations, and philanthropic foundations interested in advancing osteopathic medicine, specifically to ensure the next generation of osteopathic family physicians are the most highly qualified in the nation. This is the first ever major fundraising campaign in our organization’s history.

To ensure patients have access to the most highly qualified physicians, the ACOFP Foundation has pledged to financially support eligible residents that wish to take both portions of the AOBFP exam, as well as cover up to $500 in travel expenses for each resident. Eligible residents are those who do not have the financial support from their residency program to sit for the AOBFP exams. Through this effort, the Foundation will ensure that all osteopathic residents, regardless of support from their residency program, is given an equal opportunity to demonstrate their patient care qualifications.

This is an extraordinary program and I encourage ACOFP members and all other stakeholders with an interest in the future of osteopathic medicine to make a financial commitment. I’m proud to chair this campaign and look forward to making a demonstrable impact for our profession!

Carol Henwood, DO, FACOFP dist.