The mission of the ACOFP Education & Research Foundation is to encourage understanding of the principles and practices of osteopathic family medicine, promote osteopathic family physician leadership and to improve public health.

The objectives include: to award grants or scholarships to qualified persons or organizations for educational and scientific purposes; to create and endow undergraduate and graduate scholarships in recognized educational institutions; to promote research and to publish osteopathic principles and practices research related to the prevention, cause and treatment of diseases; and to devote all contributions received by gift or bequest to exclusively charitable, educational, scientific, literacy and research purposes.

The funding priorities include: commit to physician leadership development by building relationships and providing proper training, which is essential to a strong and vibrant future for our osteopathic family medicine profession; support faculty development and preceptor programs within the departments of family medicine, with the emphasis on colleges of osteopathic medicine located in the low income and underserved areas; provide funding for research on how osteopathic family medicine physicians help to fulfill the triple aim of better health, better care at a lower cost with physician and patient satisfaction and build funds for special projects for community needs.