ACOFP Student Chapters Video Contest

Submission deadline:
 March 1, 2018

The ACOFP Education & Research Foundation is holding a video contest for the ACOFP student chapters. Every chapter will be given the opportunity to submit a short video on how their chapter conducts projects that support the mission of the Foundation.

The videos can highlight projects such as leadership roles at the chapters, disaster relief, and way they promote advancing healthcare. Each chapter will receive $250 for their submission. The Foundation’s Board of Directors will review all submissions and select the top three. First place will receive $1,500, second place will receive $1,000 and third place will receive $500. The first place video will be showed at the 2018 ACOFP Annual Convention & Scientific Seminars in Austin, Texas.



The ACOFP Education and Research Foundation promotes osteopathic family physician leadership, strives to improve public health and advocates for greater awareness of osteopathic family medicine principles and practices.

Founded in 1986, ACOFP Education and Research Foundation is dedicated to furthering members’ goals and ensuring the future of tomorrow's osteopathic leaders.

The ACOFP Education and Research Foundation achieves its objectives by identifying and securing funds from various sources, including grants and donations.

ACOFP Education and Research Foundation envisions a world where osteopathic family medicine is regarded as leaders on positive patient experience, improved public health and the reduction in the per capita cost of health care.

Now more than ever, we need your help to ensure the future of osteopathic distinctiveness. Please support the ACOFP Education & Research Foundation.